9 Amazing Tips On How To Improve Your Mobile Phone’s Battery Life

9 Amazing Tips On How To Improve Your Mobile Phone's Battery Life

Sometimes we have all we need in a mobile phone, except the best battery in the world.

Except for some countries where you get steady light, you would be needing to carry an alternative power supply with you always, ie powerbank and trust me, it isn't the lightest item.
While it is important to take precautions, there are several measures that will help you preserve your battery life as well as save you the extra money for the alternative power supplies.
We'd be touching some of the things you'll do to help you save your battery life today;

- Control your phones battery discharge

Average lithium-ion batteries for Andriod, iOS and other phones are supposed to retain 80% of their charge capacity after 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. 
Sometimes however, the batteries rarely produce these levels of performances, with charge storage capacity sometimes reduced to 80% levels within only 100 cycles.
You can extend your phone battery life by leveraging on this knowledge to control the battery's discharge.

- Keep the temperature at just what it should be

When you let your battery heat or cool beyond the temperature it was meant to, somewhat between 0℃ and 45℃, it affects it negatively.
Avoid keeping it under direct sunlight, and even if it is waterproof, know that there are limits to everything, including fluid contacts.

- Extend the battery's charging time

You have the option of hastining up the charging in some mobile phones, but there is no guarantee it will last like when it took the normal timing.
Extend the phone's battery charging time to the maximum and watch for any changes. You can always adjust of course.

- Limit video contents

The phone takes a lot of energy in processing videos, and they all tell on the battery.
If you want to reduce the way your phones' batteries drain, then reducing on your video contents is a key!

- Use battery-saving modes

Sometimes you get notifications in your phone asking you to turn on your battery-saving mode and you slide off, afterall it's just another notification!
Well, it actually is, but it wasn't put out there for fancy. Turning on your battery saving mode will help you improve your batteries life.

- Use Wi-Fi, not 4G

Connecting to the internet takes a lot of battery, and we all know that.
However, what if there is something you can do to slide pass connecting the internet, yet you are active online?
There are a lot of Wi-Fis you can get in the market for less than $50, and they do just the magic.
Most of the portable Wi-Fis come with 4G, and you can rock your life just as you do with your mobile phones once you have your SIM in it.

- Reduce screen brightness

For someone like me, I love to have my phone's screenlight at the maximum, and my battery loves to be in light, always.
You may not know, but these things matter. Every icon on your phone works with battery, and when they are brighter, they work with more battery!

- Use Airplane mode

If you want to rock your music while not expecting calls, why not put the phone on airplane mode?
It helps you stay away from network, and disconnects you from all the battery sucking leeches parading themselves as essentials!

- Turn off the cellular network or limit talk time.

Limiting your talk time is another amazing way of reducing your phone's battery drainage. Calls take network, and it is drained actively.
When you spend more time on the phone, you will also need to charge your battery more.

There are a lot of other things that affect your battery life. Some things like alarms, games, music and health applications.
It's better to close (rather than minimize) what you're not using, and watch the battery improve.
When it becomes too bad, you can also consider changing for better experiences!

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