East Cheshire NHS Trust Are Offering Job To Registered Staff Nurses

 Registered Nurses who  are on career break or on retirement who still has the desire to support NHS during these Covid-19 pandemic are extremely welcome. NHS would love to get in contact with you to discuss  your options and the support we can offer you.

Some Nursing staffs may have received letter or emails from  Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) asking if you want to consider joining the Covid-19 temporary register OR you may still hold registration but are no longer employed.

They currently have Available Vacancies in the following areas:

  • Staff Nurse in Medicine - 209-W7-090221
  • Staff Nurse in Intermediate Care - 209-W11-090221
  • Staff Nurse in Emergency Department - 209-ED-090221
  • Staff Nurse in Medical Assessment Unit - 209-W8-090221
  • Staff Nurse in Elderly Care Specialising in Dementia - 209-W9-090221
  • Staff Nurse in Respiratory Medicine - 209-W4-090221
  • Staff Nurse in Orthopaedics - 209-W10-090221
  • Staff Nurse - General Medical Ward (Ward 2) - 209-W2-090221
  • Staff Nurse in Gastroenterology - 209-W3-090221
  • Staff Nurse in ICU - 209-ICU-090221
  • Staff Nurse in Surgical Unit - 209-W1-090221
  • Bank Registered Staff Nurse – 209-BANK-090221


If you'er interested in any of the listed vacancies you can contact them through thei email [email protected], telephone, 01625 656510, or eastcheshire.nhs.uk

If you are working with East Cheshire NHS you should expect additional job benefits like;
1. Access to clinical skills training
2.Staff Recognition
3.Occupational Health
4.Employee Support and wellbeing
5.Cycle to work scheme
6.Staff Benefits & Scheme

This job is fixed term up to 9 months
Hours per week: 37.5 hours.
Shift patterns: shifts will be either early (7:00-15:00), late (13:00-20:00), long day (7:00-20:00) or night shifts (19:30-7:30).
Salary: 24907 - 30615 GBP YEAR

Application is free and lasts till 29th Feb 2021.  Goodluck...

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